Join Our Efforts

Though our work is widely read and used, we are a very small all-volunteer non-profit. Most of our time is spent researching and writing scientific articles, and producing content for the Independent Science News (ISN) and Bioscience Resource Project (BSR) websites.

If you value and would like to support our work, then your help is needed.

We invite you to help either (1) expand coverage on the BSR and ISN websites or (2) make these resources available to others. Some ways you can help are listed below.

Inform us

Let us know about important websites, research, and analysis that we may have missed (including your own) on topics covered by the Project. We do our best to promote the high quality public interest research of others by linking to and reviewing their work and websites. Write a Resource Page for the BSR website on a topic we have not covered.

Inform others

Readership of our website expands most rapidly through interpersonal connections. We encourage you to share articles and information from the Project websites with students, friends, and colleagues.

You can refer people to the Project website and to Independent Science News and the Poison Papers and their content in online discussions and via social media or link to us from your website. You can also download and post these posters at your university, public library, farmers market, or other public places:

ISN poster PDF

BSR poster PDF

Invite us to speak

Project scientists are often available to speak at scientific and regulatory meetings, conferences, universities, and to the public.

Write for Independent Science News

We encourage public interest researchers and investigative science journalists to contribute their original science-based news, book reviews, or analysis. Topics should fall under one of the following headings: Public Interest Science, Scientific Conflicts of Interest, Genetics, Health, Environment, Un/Sustainable Farming, Biotechnology, and the Science Media. If you would like to write for the Project, we suggest you contact us to discuss your ideas.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about these or other opportunities.

Financial contributions

Donations from our readers preserve our independence, which is essential to our ability to provide high quality factual scientific research and reporting. To learn more about the finances of the Project visit Our Funding. To donate visit Donate.