Our Funding

You can’t be an independent media unless you are independent.

For this reason, the Bioscience Resource Project accepts no commercial advertising and no corporate funding of any kind. Neither do we accept money from private foundations. The project accepts funding only from individuals and Community Foundations. Nevertheless, we do have both ongoing and special expenses. We need subscriptions to scientific journals, as well as office supplies, computers, and software. We also have internet, phone, and communications expenses, plus we need web design and security and website hosting. Additionally, we have mailing-list costs and scientific publication expenses. Sometimes we need to attend scientific conferences. Ideally, we would like all funding to come from as many different individuals as possible so as to enable our organization to be supported by its readers and so that funding considerations can never threaten the quality or independence of the Project (which is the standard fate of media organizations). We suggest to regular users of this website (or of Independent Science News) that they donate $25 per year. Our small budget (of less than $6,000) enabled last year approximately a million article downloads from the BSR and ISN websites and syndicated content. And the more readers who donate, the more we can expand our content and reach.

We have a small budget but big aims and we make the most of our donations.

  • The Project itself is staffed entirely by volunteers.
  • We do not pay for office space.
  • Almost all Independent Science News articles have been written expressly for and donated to ISN by experts in their field.

We are looking for funding (or other ways) to expand our work:

  • To extend our in-depth scientific research and analysis to fields such as toxicology, soil science, nutrition, public health, and water quality.
  • To provide additional news coverage.
  • To travel to meetings and conferences or to speak to students or the public.
  • To fund student internships.

We encourage you to support and grow the Bioscience Resource Project and Independent Science News by making a financial donation or by contributions of time and talent.