PowerPoint Presentations

Bisocience Resource Project scientists give talks at conferences, in classrooms and to the public. Below are PowerPoint presentations from some of these talks.

Can Science Speak Truth to Power March 2017 Presented as a workshop by BSR Science Director, Allison Wilson, PhD at The People’s School, held at Cornell University. Raises questions about corporate impacts on science, the science media, and public policy. Discusses how independent scientists and the public can counter scientific suppression.

How GMOs are Really Made: Simple Precision or Messy Complexity? September 2016  Presented by BSR Science Director, Allison Wilson, PhD at the GMOWTF lecture series at Cornell University.

Feeding Cities Ecologically March 2013 Presented by BSR Science Director, Allison Wilson, PhD at Cornell University, this fully referenced talk describes the current Industrial food system and some of its major products: huge quantities of GMO maize, soy, factory farmed animals, processed and junk food — as well as extensive nitrogen and pesticide pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. These products are contrasted with industrial agriculture’s proven failure to feed the world, or even the USA, a healthy and sufficient diet. Several alternative ways to structure food and agricultural systems are suggested.

Unintended Consequences in Transgenic Plants February 2011 Presented by BSR Science Director, Allison Wilson, PhD. at the 2011 Plant Transformation Technologies conference in Vienna. Dr. Wilson describes her work on the unintended consequences (also know as unintended effects) of genetic engineering. Unintended consequences (UCs) have important implications for farmers, scientists and regulators. Documented consequences range from loss of pathogen resistance to yield losses to increases in out-crossing. UCs are often ignored by researchers despite their importance, yet understanding their origins has important implications for basic research on genome structure and gene regulation. Watch the video presentation at: http://bsr.wpengine.com/publications/video/