Our Philosophy and Mission

The mission of the Bioscience Resource Project is:

To provide the highest quality scientific information and analysis to enable a healthy food system and a healthy world.”

 Our Philosophy

By providing information, inventions, ideas, and analysis, science and technology shape the future. The Bioscience Resource Project wants the future to be culturally diverse, biodiverse, life-nurturing, just, and peaceful. We believe that science and technology can, and should, be consistent with these values. To serve the public interest they must be.

A change in priorities to support these values is currently the most important challenge facing science. It will require a shift from current scientific paradigms of reductionism, hierarchy, and control to new paradigms based on complexity, whole systems, and interconnections. Given the power of science in the world today, this change is a prerequisite for the well-being of humans and the planet. Change will depend on the continuous and conscious choices of individuals and organizations who actively aspire to these public interest values.

Our Aims

The Bioscience Resource Project website and the Independent Science News website support these choices by providing independent research, news, and analysis for the biological sciences. Topics covered include science, genetics, biotechnology, food, and agriculture and the impacts of these on human health and the environment. An important addition to our coverage is The Poison Papers, a joint project with the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD). The Poison Papers expose chemical toxicity and flawed risk assessment and collusion between regulators and the chemical industry. Our various websites and projects will help you access scientific research, information, and ideas that can help you make more fully informed decisions.

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