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Does “anti-GMO” = “Anti-Science?”

If you critique GMOs are you anti-science? If you promote GMOs are you pro-science? Jonathan Latham explains in an interview with Bob Schooler.


Genetic Engin-erring: Unintended Consequences in Transgenic Plants

2011 Scientific Conference Presentation by Dr. Allison Wilson of The Bioscience Resource Project. In this video Dr. Wilson describes her work on the unintended consequences (also know as unintended effects) of genetic engineering. Unintended consequences (UCs) have important implications for farmers, scientists and regulators. Documented consequences range from loss of pathogen resistance to yield losses to increases in out-crossing. UCs are often ignored by researchers despite their importance, yet understanding their origins has important implications for basic research on genome structure and gene regulation. Powerpoint slides: 2011 Unintended Consequences in Transgenic Plants Powerpoint

Greenwashing and the Food Industry

Video of Dr. Jonathan Latham’s talk at the Rachel Carson Institute‘s Perspectives on Silent Spring at 50 Symposium, May 11-12, 2012. His talk can be heard at Greenwashing and the Food Industry. For more information see: Way Beyond Greenwashing: Have Corporations Captured Big Conservation? and Greenwashing and the Food Industry Further Reading.