Published today (July 1st 2016) on Independent Science News: “107 Nobel Laureate Attack on Greenpeace Traced Back to Biotech PR Operators“, a short news item written by Jonathan Latham, PhD.

Synopsis: When 107 Nobel Laureates demanded that Greenpeace cease its opposition to GMOs and “golden rice,” no one in the press seems to have asked if the event was organized by the biotech industry (or if all of the Laureates were still living). They should have.

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Additional Reading: “Independent” Academics Sporting Biotech Ties

It is not clear how many of the Laureates knew or suspected that the letter they were signing was connected to the biotech industry and the Genetic Literacy Project, a GMO lobby group. However academic-industry collaboration to promote GMOs is widespread and well-documented.

For more background on the Nobel Laureates, “Golden Rice” and the attack on Greenpeace, read this excellent longer story by GMWatch: “Pro-GMO campaign exploits Nobel laureates to attack Greenpeace and fool the people” (2016). Read at:

Food and Water Watch’s Issue Brief: “Under the Influence: The National Research Council and GMOs” (2016). Summary and Download at:

Another important Report by Food and Water Watch: “Public Research, Private Gain: Corporate Influence over Agricultural Research” (2012). Summary and Download at:

A recent Freedom of Information request by US Right to Know documents numerous ties between corporations and academics at large universities across the US, including Cornell, Harvard, University of Illinois, University California Riverside, University of Florida and the University of Georgia. The emails reveal the coordinated efforts of these academics and the Biotech PR industry to promote GMOs. A number of articles have been written so far about the data in these emails:

The latest — an excellent article with new data from U.S. Right to Know on the undermining of organics and GMO campaigning by secretly funded scientists: “Monsanto Fingerprints Found All Over Attack On Organic Food” (2016). Read at:

Excellent but incomplete New York Times article about Kevin Folta, Bruce Chassey and other familiar academic names promoting GMOs in close collaboration with industry: “Food Industry Enlisted Academics in G.M.O. Lobbying War, Emails Show.” (2015) Read at:

Jonathan Latham’s follow-up article based on the same emails: “The Puppetmasters of Academia (or What the NY Times Left out)” (2015) Read at: