Program 3. Outreach and Education

By attending and speaking at conferences, or giving talks at universities and public forums, the Bioscience Resource Project staff educate and inform, while staying abreast of both public concerns and the latest scientific findings and techniques.

Project staff attend scientific and regulatory conferences worldwide. They present research and analysis on subjects as diverse as viral transgenics, comparative risk assessment, unanticipated traits in genetically engineered organisms, regulation of genetically engineered animals, food safety and the importance of the science media. Since 2006 Project staff have attended more than 19 international conferences, presenting at more than nine of these.

Project staff have been interviewed for radio programs, magazines and newspaper articles. Articles written by staff have also appeared in The Guardian and The Guardian Weekly.

The project has begun a program of local outreach. This has involved speaking to students at Ithaca High School and Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.

In these diverse ways, the Bioscience Resource Project widens its audience and increases awareness of the need for public interest science and an independent science media.

See: Public Appearances