Program 2. Public Interest Science


The Bioscience Resource Project’s Public Interest Science program has two components.

  • Researching and publishing scientific review papers
  • Providing key resources for scientists, educators, regulators, policy makers and the public


The Project’s Original Research

Dispersed throughout the scientific literature there is much valuable but neglected scientific data that directly addresses critical public biosafety issues. This data ranges from impacts of genetic engineering on plants and animals to effects of pollutants on human and ecosystem health.

Often this data is never systematically collected or reviewed and its biosafety implications are never made clear to the public. The Bioscience Resource Project has begun to collect and analyze the published but neglected biosafety data for genetic engineering.

As a result of this work, the Project has produced three widely read biosafety reviews on key techniques used in plant genetic engineering. The results of these systematic literature reviews have been presented frequently at meetings and the reviews are widely linked to by other public interest organizations, sent out on listserves and cited in books and research articles. The more than 1800 copies of the Project’s biosafety reviews downloaded each year from the Project’s website attest to the lasting value of this research. Additional biosafety reviews are in progress.

See: Scientific Publications


Educational Resources

The Bioscience Resource Project website acts as a public interest science hub. In addition to making available the Project’s work, the website provides annotated links to outstanding papers and websites produced by other public interest researchers and non-profits working in the biosciences. These are often unavailable elsewhere and the papers featured on the Project’s Resources pages are continuously downloaded, often hundreds of times a month. By acting as a hub, the Project website ensures that key ideas are shared and not lost.

See: Resources