Program 4. Training in Public Interest Science and Science Media

The Bioscience Resource Project provides volunteer internships for individuals of high school age and older.

All interns practice and improve writing, research, communication and media skills in a real-world setting. Interns also gain insights into international agriculture, food politics and fundamental biology.

An important component of each internship is a concrete and identifiable project outcome, such as a published article or report. Additional benefits of a Bioscience Resource Project internship include the availability of an in-house library and also the Project’s connections with farmers, scientists, journalists and national and international non-profits. Internships are thus a useful stepping-stone to a career in science journalism, public interest science, farming, policy development or advocacy.

Interns can choose either journalism or research internships. Journalism interns work with the Project’s full time volunteers to learn how to choose topics and write from a public interest perspective. Research interns learn how to research and analyze the primary scientific literature.

Past interns include both high school and college students. Contact the Project to inquire about current internship possibilities.

“My internship with the Bioscience Resource Project taught me to think critically about our assumptions and what we think we know.”

                ……..Bob Hackett (Cornell 2012) Intern

“The most valuable thing I took away from working with the Bioscience Resource Project was the idea that the status quo is neither flawless, nor permanent — that the way the world currently operates can, and must be, changed.”

                     ……..Theo Pritz (Cornell 2015) Intern