My name is Robert, and I’m a Cornell undergraduate who is hosting an independent course on GMO agriculture, in protest of blatant corporate sponsorship and academic corruption at Cornell University.

Course speakers will include Dr. Vandana Shiva; Frances Moore Lappé (Small Planet Institute and author of World Hunger:10 Myths and Diet for a Small Planet); Claire Robinson (GM Watch); Michael Hansen, PhD (Consumers Union); Stephen Druker (author of Altered Genes, Twisted Truth); Dr Belinda Martineau (formerly of Calgene); Dr. T. Colin Campbell (Prof. Emeritus, Cornell University, author of The China Study); Dr Allison Wilson (Science Director of the Bioscience Resource Project); and Dr Jonathan Latham (Executive Director of the Bioscience Resource Project).

The full course schedule can be found here:

This free course will be held at 7pm EST (weekly) at:

Upstairs Auditorium
Anabel Taylor Hall
Cornell University
548 College Ave
Ithaca, NY. 14850

First lecture: Sept 7th, Bob Schooler with Frances Moore Lappé is available at:

All lectures will be live-streamed and also available on u-tube after the talks.

A year ago, I witnessed the pro-GMO propaganda that is Cornell’s “GMO Debate” course. This course is backed by the Gates Foundation-Funded “Alliance for Science”, and all of its professors were copied in emails with Monsanto, in addition to the head of the Alliance for Science, and the dean of the college of agriculture (CALS). Despite the actual lack of scientific consensus on GMO safety, in this class there was zero authentic debate, merely fallacious pro-GMO arguments constructed by each of the four professors. Several guest lecturers contributed, all of them pro-GMO, and many of them implicated in emailing Monsanto as well.

As you may know, if rigor, integrity, and the precautionary principle were applied to our current GMO paradigm, it likely would have been tabled long ago.

Yet Cornell turns a blind eye to academic and scientific integrity, in favor of classic biotech industry talking points (“we need GMOs to feed the world!”).

I’ve started a project in response to Cornell’s approach, entitled GMO WTF (dot com). It will manifest as an independent, expert-backed course on GMOs that I will host this fall, every Wednesday night (7pm, doors open 6:45pm) from September 7th to November 16th, held in the upstairs auditorium in Anabel Taylor Hall, on the Cornell Campus. It will also be recorded and available for free via the GMO WTF website.

For more information, please read my article on Independent Science News and share it with your friends. I feel that people are ready for this information to be presented far and wide.

Please, sign up via email on my website ( for any updates on location, time, etc. and to receive all the lectures and future material for free!

P.S. You may have gotten an email from Cornell about a GMO online MOOC starting September 13th. This is not my project, and is something totally different! Cornell’s online MOOC is an online version of the pro-GMO propaganda that I witnessed as the “GMO debate” that I am protesting with my independent course. Several of the same people are involved, including the head of the Alliance for Science.

I encourage everyone, especially students, to sign up for both my independent course, and Cornell’s online MOOC. Ours will be a great lesson in critical thinking, and we can see a side-by-side comparison of pro-GMO industry talking points with our independent and scientific evaluation of GMOs.

Reach out at contact ( at ) with any questions or comments. Together we can defeat corporate control of our university!

Thank you,

Robert Schooler