BSR News: Jonathan Latham’s Second Interview on talkradioeurope

In Dr. Latham’s second interview with Kenny Jones (18 March 2013 on Talk Radio Europe) you can listen to the Executive Director of the Bioscience Resource Project give his view of the reality of the “food crisis” and on the many positive alternatives to GMOs and industrial agriculture. The interview starts with an overview of how GMOs might appear, in the short term, to benefit those farmers who choose to use insecticides and herbicides, rather than adopt agroecological or organic techniques. Dr. Latham and Mr. Jones then discuss how the combination of GMOs, patents on life, and the consolidation of seed and chemical companies gives enormous control over agriculture and the food supply to just a handful of corporations. They also discuss where the idea of a world-wide “food crisis” comes from and who benefits from the belief that there is a food shortage and that industrial agriculture is more productive than other alternatives. In response to the question, “Are GMOs a good technology, just in the wrong hands?”, Dr. Latham points out some of the many unresolved scientific and safety issues surrounding GMOs. Lastly they discuss SRI and other high yielding and ecologically sound systems that can contribute to a healthy global food and farming system, one that supports cultural and biological diversity and does not rely on GMOs, herbicides, artificial fertilizers, and other expensive and polluting inputs.

The interview is available at: