Published today (Monday 11th July 2016) by Independent Science News: “Don’t Eat the Yellow Rice: The Danger of Deploying Vitamin A Golden Rice, ” by Ted Greiner, PhD.

Synopsis: Never discussed in the saga of Vitamin A “golden rice” is the problem of “Yellow Rice Disease”. Yellowed or browned rice is discarded all over the world because it is a sign of potentially lethal fungal contamination. To convince these populations to eat it, the proponents of golden rice will therefore have to overcome an aversion which exists for good reason. If eating yellow rice is dangerous, why has this never been discussed, asks Ted Greiner? “Because the purpose of Golden Rice was never to solve vitamin A problems. It’s purpose from the beginning was to be a tool for use in shaming GMO critics”.

Ted Greiner is an expert in Vitamin A fortification and a former Professor of Nutrition, Hanyang University, Korea.

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More about GMO “Golden Rice”

Glenn Stone (2015). “Golden rice: the ‘GM superfood’ that fell to Earth.” The Ecologist. Read full story of Golden Rice yield drag and inconclusive nutrition outcomes at:
Christoph Then (2014). “Golden Lies: No credibility for Golden Rice campaign.” Report from Testbiotech. Read full report at: Testbiotech reports that those developing and promoting Golden Rice have failed to act with basic scientific or ethical concern.