The Gates Foundation’s Ceres2030 Plan Pushes Agenda of Agribusiness

Published today (Tue Nov 27th, 2018) by Independent Science News: The Gates Foundation’s Ceres2030 Plan Pushes Agenda of Agribusiness by Jonathan Latham, PhD
Synopsis: The Gates Foundation helps people in the South by spending money in the North, runs the joke. But is the Gates Foundation also a fauxlanthropy? 
In this article I show how the Gates Foundation recently started Ceres2030, a Cornell University-based project to capture the science and drive the policy agenda of agriculture and development. Ceres2030 has purchased a forthcoming special issue of prestigious Nature magazine that it will populate with articles and authors of its own choosing. These articles will in turn be used for future media and policy work. The evidence so far is that the goal of Ceres2030 is not sustainability but to spearhead chemical-intensive and GMO agriculture in developing countries.