GMO panel event September 10, 2015

UPDATE: The Cornell-Gates Foundation’s Alliance for Science’s Ithaca “Ask Me Anything About GMOs” Event was an interesting public relations exercise — but depolarizing it was not. To understand how the Monsanto-linked event went from Greenstar to the Unitarian Church to the Gong Show you can read Jonathan Latham’s dated Event updates. NOTE: You need to read the entries by starting from the bottom of the page for the first entry, and moving up with the page to the last entry — which includes a link to a complete video of the “Ask Me Anything About GMOs” Event — questions, answers, non-answers, gongs and all.

CANCELLED but REARRANGED FOR THE UNITARIAN CHURCH on the same date and time: Thurs 10th Sept, 6pm. (See links in this text to keep updated on the event and the issues). Jonathan Latham will be discussing this event, the Cornell Alliance for Science, and the incredible GMO propaganda machine on Tuesday 9/8/2015 at 4:30pm on WRFI (88.1 FM). Also, earlier the same day with Jim Murphy at 7:25-8am. Keep up with the evolving story at