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The Project’s scientists are available to discuss science, food and agriculture and their impacts on health and the environment. Contact us to arrange an interview or talk. Below are some recent radio interviews with Jonathan Latham, PhD about the Poison Papers and a talk on GMOs given to the Sierra club.

Derrick Jensen interviews Jonathan Latham on Resistance Radio about the Poison Papers

Scientific innovation and public protection depends on regulation. Regulation at government agencies such as the EPA has an undeserved aura of science and rigour that is exposed in this fascinating extended (51 minute) interview.

Jonathan Latham interviewed about the Poison Papers by Peter B. Collins June 2017

Based on the newly-released Poison Papers, Dr. Jonathan Latham of Independent Science News slams the EPA and its predecessors. Latham is also executive director of the Bioscience Resource Project, which has released a huge trove of documents from industries and regulators, the Poison Papers here

We open with a discussion of recent moves by Trump’s EPA under Scott Pruitt, which just announced very narrow enforcement of 2016’s updates of the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976.  Latham is dismissive, saying the EPA “already had its agenda for not doing anything”, and that EPA “has never done its job”.

This leads to his description of the Poison Papers, which date to 1920 and show that pattern of weak regulation, unchanged by the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970.  We walk through searches for “Agent Orange” and “glyphosate”, and he comments on the range of documents in the collection.

Latham offers a sweeping indictment of EPA and regulation of toxic chemicals in general, describing a game where the industries are always outraged at “over-reach” and EPA enables the industries while appearing to regulate them.  He sees little difference between Democrats who champion science as the basis of regulation and Republicans who promote corporate profits over sensible regulation.

GMO Hazards to Health and Ecosystems

This video presents an overview of GMOs. How they are made, how that impacts on their safety, and it details some of the specific documented concerns we have. Filmed at the Sierra Club of Binghamton.