New Resources: Golden Rice, GWAS, and Bisphenol A

The Project website has added three important new resources. Under Biotechology is the new foodwatch report: Golden Lies: The Seed Industry’s Questionable Golden Rice Project (2012). It describes the real reason industry and pro-GMO scientists are pushing Vitamin A rice – and it’s not to further scientific or humanitarian goals. Under Food is the classic Why Public Health Agencies Cannot Depend on Good Laboratory Practices as a Criterion for Selecting Data: The Case of Bisphenol A (2009) in which a long list of scientists expose the faulty industry “science” behind the U.S. FDA’s controversial decision to declare the endocrine disruptor Bisphenol A safe for human consumption. On the Science and Scientists resource page Learning from our GWAS Mistakes: from Experimental Design to Scientific Method (2012) reveals important flaws in GWAS methodology and includes vital lessons for all scientists on how to avoid and learn from scientific mistakes.