Biofuelwatch has launched a new webpage resource “Biotechnology for Biofuels”. This page compiles their analyses of the biotechnology push to genetically engineer crops, trees, and microbes for biofuels and the bioeconomy. “Biotechnology for Biofuels” includes in-depth investigations of three biofuel companies – Algenol, Mascoma, and Solazyme/TerraVia, and will be updated with forthcoming reports on algal and ligno-cellulosic biofuels, followed by further materials.

The new webpage can be accessed here:

Also see Independent Science News articles on the subject of biofuels:

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Biofuel or Biofraud? The Vast Taxpayer Cost of Failed Cellulosic and Algal Biofuels (2016) by Almuth Ernsting

The Real Burning Question: Are Liquid Fuels the best use of Non-Woody Biomass? (2009) by David Malakoff