Independent Science News has just published “The GMO Debate: One Student’s Experience of Pro-GMO Propaganda at Cornell University,” written
by Robert Schooler.

A current student explains his Cornell education path and his plans to remedy the curriculum at his Ivy League university. After a demoralizing introduction to academic study, Robert Schooler left Cornell and later returned to complete his degree. It still didn’t work out the way he expected, however, and so he now plans to run his own course at Cornell. His goal? To bring some science to Cornell’s Gates-Funded “Alliance for Science” and some debate to Cornell’s one-sided “GMO-Debate”. The first lecture, on Wed. Sept 7th 2016, will be delivered by Frances Moore Lappe, celebrated author of Diet for a Small Planet. The course will be free and open to the public (and available online). Tune in.

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