Rigging the Science of GMO Ecotoxicity

On January 29, 2019, Independent Science News published “Rigging the Science of GMO Ecotoxicity,”, a new article by  Jonathan Latham, PhD.

Synopsis: Cry toxins are controversial proteins that kill insects and other organisms. They are commonly inserted into GMO crops, some of which now contain six different transgenic versions. A large body of research has now shown, to the discomfort of the biotech industry, that these toxins can have major effects on beneficial and other non-pest organisms. Our investigation has uncovered that some academics, including one with very close ties to industry, have secretively started adding chemical antidotes to their ecological test diets. These test diets can be expected–and some already have–to give Cry toxins a clean bill of health in ecological toxicity tests. This research is additionally being used to discredit previously gathered evidence of Cry toxin harm.