Published August 8, 2019, in Independent Science News:

The 9% Lie: Industrial Food and Climate Change  a new article by Ronnie Cummins

Synopsis: As the result of a joint calculation, the USDA and the US EPA have begun claiming that US agricultures’ contribution to the climate crisis represents 9% of total national green house gas emissions. The size of this number is hugely important in terms of where to search for climate solutions. According to the author these estimates are smokescreens and the true number is approximately 5-6 fold higher. In other words, most US greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture and the food sector. This low-balling is very convenient for the commercial interest groups that benefit from the wasteful status quo of the US food system.

Author: Ronnie Cummins is the co-founder and International Director of the Organic Consumers Association. He is also the founder of Via Orgánica, a network of organic consumers and farmers based in Mexico.

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