The Health Care Doctors Forgot: Why Ordinary Food Will Be the Future of Medicine

Published today (February 3rd 2014) in Independent Science News: “The Health Care Doctors Forgot: Why Ordinary Food Will be the New Medicine” by T Colin Campbell.

Can diet cure disease, and not just prevent it? Scientific evidence is accumulating that diets which emphasize consumption of plants and which avoid meat and dairy products can rapidly reverse common and life-threatening chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. For these and other common diseases research is showing that a diet-based cure is much more effective than current medical treatments which are largely ineffectual, expensive, and plagued by side effects. These important facts about the power of nutrition are not widely known, however. That is because they simultaneously challenge the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the medical profession. The latter institution resists this approach also for the reason that (w)holistic nutrition is incompatible with current reductionist medical philosophy. With accumulating evidence and rapidly rising healthcare costs, however, there is potential for nutritional treatments to replace whole branches of medicine and to extend life quality and life expectancy at negligible cost. Dr. Campbell argues that, “It is now time to replace the current medical-based disease care system with a diet-based health care system as Hippocrates prompted us to think about two and a half thousand years ago,” when he said “Let food be thy medicine“.

T Colin Campbell is Jacob Gould Schurmann Professor Emeritus at Cornell University, author of two New York Times bestsellers: The China Study (2004) and Whole (2013).

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