The Swamp: Newly Released Monsanto and Government Documents Show Why Toxic Pesticides Stay on the Market

Evaggelos Vallianatos worked at the EPA and knew Adrian Gross, whose letter exposing the fraudulence of the chemical testing company IBT features in the Poison Papers. Vallianatos describes Gross’s initial experience of IBT in 1976:

You wait but no one shows up. You decide to explore the place. You enter a large room with the infrastructure of a lab: tables loaded with knives, glass tubes, chemicals, and equipment for operations and pathology studies. You immediately react, wishing to get out of the room. An awful stench is hanging in the air. A broken water sprinkler is throwing water over cages full of mice, rats, and dogs. Rats are running into a swamp: water mixed with animal excrement covering the floor. Then, astonishingly, you see a technician holding a canister of sleeping gas running after rats. You back off in horror and reenter the reception room where the calm receptionist is on the phone calling the police for an intruder, you.

“The Swamp” also discusses how flawed testing and compromised regulatory agencies continue to put and keep toxic chemicals on the the market — endangering us all.

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