These Documents Show How BASF, Bayer & Co Have Played Down Dangerous Substances for Years

A new article based on papers in the Poison Papers DocumentCloud database has just been published in German on Buzzfeed.  The article: “Diese Dokumente zeigen, wie BASF, Bayer & Co gefährliche Stoffe über Jahre verharmlost haben: US-Aktivisten haben 100.000 zum Teil vertrauliche Seiten über die Chemieindustrie veröffentlicht: die Poison Papers.”, ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf 24. August 2017, 12:17, Petra Sorge, BuzzFeed Contributor.

The English translation reads: “These documents show how BASF, Bayer & Co have dealt with dangerous substances for years: US activists have published 100, 000 partly confidential pages about the chemical industry: the Poison Papers.” The article was originally published on 24 August 2017, by Petra Sorge, BuzzFeed Contributor.

The article can be read in German at: