Believing We Have a Functional EPA Is Worse Than Having a Non-Functional EPA” is the title of a new Truthout interview by Lorna Garano, who interviewed Jonathan Latham, PhD about the Poison Papers and what they reveal. The interview was published on

From the interview:
LG: “Why do you think the chemical industry has been able to exert such influence?”

JRL: “The EPA protects polluters and not the public. It merely pretends to protect the public. That is what I came to understand as a scientist who studies the EPA and other regulators, including ones in other countries. The fundamental reason, however, is not understood. It is not “revolving doors” or industry pressure that compels the EPA to operate on the side of polluters, or the waste industry or the GMO industry. To understand the real story, it is necessary to listen to whistleblowers like William Sanjour. What he will tell you is that the EPA does not have the support in Washington to do its job. In particular, that means it doesn’t have the support of Congress or the president. Therefore, the EPA has to plan to fail. The agency cannot fulfill its stated mission because if it did actually ban important products or impose large fines, then the president would fire the chief administrator. This may be a mystery to most, but inside the agency, it is rule number one: Any information likely to embarrass a major industry must never see the light of day.

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