Why We Need a Small Farm Future

Published today (Mon Oct 26th, 2020) by Independent Science News, “Why We Need a Small Farm Future“,
written by Chris Smaj. The article is an excerpt from his new book.

Synopsis: What would a truly resilient society look like? This article is an excerpt from the new book A Small Farm Future: Making the Case For A Society Built Around Local Economies Self Provisioning Agricultural Diversity and A Shared Earth. The book examines the question of resilience from the points of view of politics, economics, and the physical world, and it challenges both conventional wisdom and standard utopian visions to elaborate on the opportunities and the problems inherent in realising this goal. As Vandana Shiva notes on the cover “Either we have a small farm future, or we face collapse”.

The author is a farmer and former academic and the book is published by Chelsea Green Publishing. Read the full excerpt at: https://www.independentsciencenews.org/commentaries/why-we-need-a-small-farm-future/